About Us

HHR Media Group cultivates a favorable online and offline public presence for individuals, athletes, and consumer brands. Utilizing creative and relevant content to forge a relationship between opinion leaders and consumers, HHR Media Group is on the forefront of the new media landscape, helping clients bridge the gap between traditional media and emerging digital trends.

Because our professionals are themselves digitally-native content producers, not agency flacks, we know firsthand what influencers and their respective audiences want.

HHR Media Group was established as a marketing and public relations extension of our professionals’ status among media members as trusted liaisons between consumer brands and digital sports outlets.

In addition to running traditional PR campaigns, HHR Media Group is regularly tapped by outlets and organizations such as the NFL Players Association, Bloomberg, theScore as well as consumer brands to facilitate relationship building with media influencers through unique experiential events.

While a small agency, our experience is large and vast.

HHR Media Group offers hands-on attention to each of our clients. While others claim influence, we were literally built around the creation of an influencer network – a network that is fully- developed, continually engaged and waiting to be mobilized.

We are able to effectively introduce and guide you through myriad media channels, structure strategic planning and focus messaging on a targeted audience.

We don’t rely on big budgets to create buzz. We use creativity and big ideas.