• #BWBDC Recap

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    Photo:  @kevinkoski.

    Lucas spearheaded a tremendous event last night at the NFLPA headquarters along with New Media Strategies and SB Nation.  In addition to a sold out event featuring some of the DC area’s brightest minds in sports and media, over 7000 individuals watched live online via UStream.

    You can read the NFLPA’s recap here.

    Another here from

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    Kobayashi Launches Digital Platforms, Sets World Record & Serves NY’s Impoverished on Thanksgiving

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    On Wednesday evening, Takeru Kobayashi set a world record consuming 7.50 pounds of turkey Thanksgiving Eve before a live audience at Turtle Bay in New York City, as witnessed by third-party officiates and SB Nation Senior Correspondent Amy K. Nelson.  The event kicked off Kobayashi’s launch of his Facebook fan page (  and his UStream channel, both of which carried the record setting performance live to thousands across the globe.

    Said Co-Founder and President Dan Rollman:

    “Kobayashi ate 7.5 pounds of turkey in 10 minutes, a new RecordSetter World Record.  It was a true thrill watching the world’s greatest eater at the top of his game. He didn’t just beat the existing world record — he annihilated it.   Never in my life have I witnessed food disappear like that. The man is a true culinary Houdini.  We welcome Kobayashi into the community and can’t wait to work with him again in the future.”

    At the event, Kobayashi announced his intent to travel the country, meet new fans and explore new foods, while raising awareness for anti-hunger initiatives.

    Yesterday, on Thanksgiving Day, Kobayashi joined the likes of actor Stephen Baldwin and Chef Mario Batali in serving the less fortunate at New York City’s Bowery Mission’s Thanksgiving Day Banquet.

    “It’s my intent to use my unique talent to help those less-fortunate than me.  I consider myself blessed and never for once take that for granted,” said Kobayashi.  ”That is what this holiday is all about.”

    Since the launch of the UStream channel less than 48 hours ago, over 70,000 people have watched the record setting feat in between their travel, holiday meals, and Black Friday shopping sprees.

    Official scoring breakdown from RecordSetter:

    “The first turkey + platter weighed 10.25 pounds before the attempt, and 4.625 pounds after, meaning Takeru Kobayashi ate 5.625 pounds of the first turkey.

    The second turkey + platter weighed 8 pounds before the attempt, and 6.125 pounds after, meaning Takeru Kobayashi ate 1.875 pounds of the second turkey.

    Adding 5.625 pounds of the first turkey and 1.875 pounds of the second turkey, Takeru Kobayashi ate a total of 7.5 pounds within the 10 minute time limit, a new world record.”


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    #BWBDC Tix Now Available

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    Join BwB and SB Nation at NFL Players Association headquarters in Washington, DC with New Media Strategies on December 1, 2011 for a happy hour, and to watch Philly play Seattle on Thursday Night Football!

    In addition to the game, the evening will include food, drink, Madden play, giveaways, and conversation about the League, its players and its fans.

    Current Schedule:

    • 6 p.m. start – Food, Drink, Madden Play
    • 6:30 p.m.: BwB Welcome
    • 7:00 p.m. : Keynote Chalk Talk:
      • George Atallah & Jim Bankoff Intro
      • De Smith, Featured Speaker
    • 7:30 p.m.: Round Table 1: The Evolution of the Football Viewing Experience
      • Andrew Sharp (SB Nation)
      • Chris Chase (Shutdown Corner)
      • Chris Cooley (Washington Redskins)
    • 8:00 p.m.: Round Table 2: State of Sports & Tech with an eye on DC
      • Jim Bankoff (SB Nation)
      • Pete Snyder (NMS)
      • Jon DeNunzio (Washington Post)
      • Mark Pesavento (Yahoo! Sports)
    • 8:30 p.m.: Game Kickoff
    • Halftime: Madden Play
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    BWB & SB Nation Present Watch Party & Chalk Talk with NFLPA & NMS

    November 4, 2011 | Posted By: | Events |

    Join BwB and SB Nation at NFL Players Association headquarters in Washington, DC with New Media Strategies on December 1, 2011 for happy hour and stick around to watch Philly play Seattle on Thursday Night Football.

    In addition to the game, the evening will include food, drink, Madden play, giveaways, and conversation about the League, its players and its fans.

    Confirmed participants include Washington tight end Chris Cooley, NFLPA’s DeMaurice Smith and George Atallah, SB Nation’s Jim Bankoff and Andrew Sharp, New Media Strategies’ Pete Snyder, Yahoo!’s Mark Pesavento and Chris Chase, Washington Post’s Jon DeNunzio and ESPN personality Kevin Blackistone.

    Registration and additional details forthcoming.  For more information or inquiries, email

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    TURF Presents BWB4 Hosted by Bloomberg Sports

    August 30, 2011 | Posted By: | Blogs with Balls · Events · HHR Media Group |

    Sports new media conference announces return to New York City, All-Star lineup and primary sponsor and host.

    New York, August 30, 2011 — HHR Media Group and Modern Hombre are proud to announce the lineup and primary sponsors of this year’s sports and new media conference, BWB4 to be held September 24 2011.  The event will be present by TURF, a responsible tailgating awareness program in partnership with Charmer Sunbelt Group and Brown-Forman, and will be hosted by Bloomberg Sports at the media giant’s global headquarters in New York City.

    This year’s lineup is comprised of a diverse group that includes featured panelist, NFL Player Association Assistant Executive Director of External Affairs George Atallah, competitive eating champion Takeru Kobyashi, journalists/television personalities Josh Elliott, Kevin Blackistone and Jemele Hill, writers, editors and executives from some of the top online outlets including Big Lead Sports, Bleacher Report, Deadspin,  SB Nation, Women Talk Sports and Yahoo!; sports media journalists like SI’s Richard Deitsch,  and cutting-edge digital agencies such as R/GA, Carrot Creative and Deep Focus.

    In addition to the all-star lineup, this year’s BWB will feature the First Annual Untitled Sports Media Awards Project (#USMAP), an event aimed at determining the best and brightest in sports media, giving a true voice to sports fans through online and social media. Thousands of nominations were submitted for the 15 different categories that span traditional and new media platforms. Voting for the best in sports media is open to the public at until September 16th.

    Confirmed participants to date:

    AJ Daulerio, Deadspin
    Amanda Rykoff, espnW
    Amy K. Nelson, ESPN
    Barry Petchesky, Deadspin
    Bill Squadron, Bloomberg Sports
    Bomani Jones
    Chris Russo, Big Lead Sports
    Dan Levy, Bleacher Report
    Dan Shanoff, Quickish
    David Finocchio, Bleacher Report
    Dom Cosentino, Deadspin
    Emma Carmichael, Deadspin
    Eric Kay, CBS
    George Atallah, NFLPA
    Ian Schafer, Deep Focus
    Ives Galarcep, Soccer by Ives/
    Jack Dickey, Deadspin
    Jamie Mottram, Yahoo!
    Jane McManus, ESPN NY
    Jason McIntyre, The Big Lead
    Jay Busbee, Yahoo! Sports
    JE Skeets, The Basketball Jones
    Jemele Hill, ESPN
    Jim Cooke, Deadspin
    Jimmy Traina,
    Joe Favorito, Fatherknickerbocker PR
    Joe Fortenbaugh, National Football Post
    John Thornton, Retired NFL
    Josh Elliott, Good Morning America
    Josh Zerkle, Bleacher Report
    Kathleen Hessert, Sports Media Challenge
    Kevin Blackistone
    Lang Whitaker, SLAM/The Classical
    Luke O’Brien, Deadspin
    Maggie Hendricks, NBC Chicago/Y! Sports
    Mark Pesavanto, Yahoo! Sports
    Matt Sebek, Joe Sports Fan
    Matt Ufford, KSK/Warming Glow
    Matthew Cerrone, MetsBlog/SNY
    Megan Hueter, Women Talk Sports
    Michael Hall, NESN
    Mike Germano, Carrot Creative
    Nando DiFino, Wall Street Journal
    Phil van der Vossen, Gunaxin Sports/Caps Outsider
    Richard Deitsch, SI
    Richard Ting, R/GA
    Rick Liebling, Coyne
    Sarah Braesch, Draft Day Suit
    Tas Melas, The Basketball Jones
    Takeru Kobayashi
    Tom Fant, Sports
    Tom Scocca, Deadspin
    Tommy Craggs, Deadspin
    Trei Brundrett, SB Nation
    Trey Kerby, The Basketball Jones

    About BWB

    BWB is the leading sports new media event series in the country. Our events have been attended by thousands nationwide.

    BWB events have included participation and attendance from not only a wide spectrum of sport-specific websites of all sizes, but also representatives from newspapers, television and radio, and several of the most recognized national public relations, marketing and advertising firms.

    BWB aims to meet three objectives:

    1. Facilitate best practice discussions for the online sports media community
    2. Educate companies and advertisers on how to best utilize online sports opinion influencers and how to best interact with their audiences
    3. Provide insight and strategy for athletes, teams, leagues and their representatives who are looking to tap into emerging mediums

    On the Web:


    About TURF

    TURF, Tailgaters Urging Responsibility and Fun, is a responsible tailgating awareness program in partnership with The Charmer Sunbelt Group and Brown Forman. The TURF objective is to encourage responsible drinking before (tailgating) and during sporting events. For more about TURF and how you can get involved visit them at

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