I had colleagues mention that the company used to be really … I'm usually not the type of person to take time to type up a review, but Brilliant Earth's service and products are just so amazing I knew I had to come online to share. ConsumerAffairs is not a government agency. She made sure everything went through ok and that I would receive the delivery in time. It was exactly as photographed and probably even nicer actually. After doing my research, speaking with customer service, and the detailed pictures off the site, I decided to go for it! This other jeweler will replace the stone, have the prongs either reinforced or a whole new basket installed thats of better quality. I ended up spending the most time on this website because of how easy it was to use and all their beautiful elegant pieces. The current team structures are small and nimble, and expectations are high for each person. So after a lot of back and forth that has failed to clarify why they have asked for a wire transfer from a country they don't ship to along with an amount they can't ensure I have decided to ask a refund- 27th of May: I ask for a refund. Its location on this page may change next time you visit. We grow up dreaming about the day our significant other is knelt on one knee, displaying a small box, asking to spend the rest our lives together. With our 5 year anniversary coming up I turned to Brilliant Earth for a unique gift. Our team mailed the check to you on June 4th and it can take up to 2 weeks to arrive" I kid you not they have sent a physical check by mail to Romania. We recommend you make your appointment at least three … This is a really … However Brilliant Earth explained their repair process and offered great communication and customer service throughout the process. Both times the representative assured me it was on time. Absolutely horrifying experience. We called into customer service, who let us know that the showroom would be reopening soon (was closed due to COVID), so we set an appointment to meet in person. Original review: Jan. 9, 2021. I had a ring custom made and the customer service I experience was truly one of a kind. This website was so nice to use. I'm at my wits end. As a novice jewelry buyer, I was hesitant to buy online without seeing the product in person. We worked with the above rep to have that sent to be repaired. I called into customer service and escalated the issue. This worried me. I paid to have it overnighted with FedEx. I proposed several weeks later, and my fiancée (she said yes) loved the ring!Fast forward, and we're coming up on our wedding. I had 0 trouble. I recently visited the Boston location with my fiancée to select and order our wedding bands. 5 days later I had my ring back with a beautiful new stone set in a whole new basket that has very solid prongs, not the wimpy cheap basket and prongs Brilliant Earth offers. Our rings arrived before the day she expected them to and they were just beautiful. So at least 2 months total without my ring. Originally they wanted us to pay for these repairs. Nobody knew why it had not shipped. They care about your story and want to truly understand what you're looking for. Diamond in San Francisco, CA. Excellent Service! I did my homework ahead of time by browsing their website and I knew more of less what kind of a piece I was looking for which made my appointment much easier. Both times the day before my ring was to arrive I spoke with Brilliant Earth to confirm delivery. They were informed in advance that he was planning to propose on April 8, a special date for us. After being sent the wrong invoice twice for the ring, (we actually laughed at this as we were at our wits end, could they not do the simplest of tasks) we received the shipping label and packaged the WRONG ring back to the company. I started as such a proponent of Brilliant Earth and now regret having ever purchased from you in the first place. I booked my 50 min Zoom call right away so I could get to speak to a consultant and have them help me out a little. I will definitely shop here again!!. They give zero communication and nobody ever seems to know what is going on. The staff were attentive and patient in helping me select the proper replacement piece and also in assuring me that my necklace was in the proper hands and would be handled with the utmost care. Both days of arrival no product. At this point we were getting terrifyingly close to our wedding date, August 5th. !Started with a lie...Meanwhile it’s happening 5 days before the birthday.After 3 days of calling back and forth with different representatives and telling methey need a manager involved which takes 24 hours to respond.No call after 24 hours. The men's band was received plated (shiny), incorrect to the order. She was astonished it was incorrect, and to be frank, made me feel as if I was doing something wrong. Because it is such a high ticketed item, I wanted to be sure I was selecting a reputable company. And even better, because they installed a new basket to secure the center stone, they offered me a full warranty on the ring. © 2021 Trustpilot, Inc. All rights reserved. We value your privacy. Transaction was easy enough and I received my order pretty quick. Thanks! After they tell me that they are sorry the purchase "didn't work out" I start my wait for the wire transfer. My experience was no drama at all.I'm a UK buyer, I purchased a £6,000 ring for my partner, the live chat was always there if I needed it, I was promised a date the ring would be delivered (and it did) I was promised a date I would be given my tracker (and it did) The ring is well made, the clasps are solid, diamond is perfect.I must say, I ordered and then freaked out looking at the reviews but I cannot give any less than 5 stars. We were then informed the ring would take another 6 weeks to make. The website is www.brilliantearth.com 2. I recently bought my girlfriend an engagement ring through Brilliant Earth's site and I was extremely satisfied with the product when I received it earlier this week. Keep reading. I then didn't head a thing for 2 weeks. I had only had my ring a few months at this time so this was VERY concerning. I sit at a desk on a computer 10+ hours a day. Brilliant Earth has a number of positive reviews, but the common denominator among its more negative reviews is the durability of its settings. Nothing. I call back again.The representative tells me that it’s actually 24 to 48 hours!!! I bought my wife her birthday gift on Brilliant Earth and it was delivered this week. Specially with an expensive purchase.Amazon has way better costumer service with a 5 dollar item...Thank brilliant earth, never again.Got my diamond earring on blue Nile the day before with an overnight and great care.The earrings were beautiful and even less expensive!!! "Our records show that we processed the refund on June 4th, 2020"- 17th of June: I ask for an update. I made an appointment at the showroom and walked right in, and told the jeweler about my situation. No phone calls. I just bought something online for the first time through Brilliant Earth. … COVID update: Brilliant Earth has updated their hours and services. Fast forward to April 17, when manager Rueben finally admits via Skype that the ring was never actually assembled and then tried to blame FedEx for 'losing' the centre stone. THEY WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY AND RUN.Now that I've got your attention. Good job, Brilliant Earth! I had issues previously regarding the loose center stone due to defective prongs on my engagement ring. There was no up selling or pressure. Being the maid of honour, I wanted to be sure I had a beautiful piece of jewellery on my wrist for photographs but also that I would keep for a lifetime and eventually hand down to my daughter. BUT not only that but we have to PAY $50 per prong to have them repaired. 1. Ultimately, my visit to their location gave me the brand reputation I was looking for to pull the trigger with my desired item online. COVID update: Brilliant Earth has updated their hours and services. Again, was assured it was at FedEx and will be arriving the next day. Nobody took accountability for not contacting me. I have tried to purchase a ring with them twice with the “build your own jewelry”. - 10th of June: I ask for an update. We then returned to the showroom February 24th, 2020 to finalize the choices (with Ashley P., Jewelry Consultant), a Platinum Luxe Sienna Diamond Ring and an unplated 8K White Gold 5.5mm Tiburon Wedding Ring for me. When I was finally ready to make a purchase, I read some reviews and articles about the good work Brilliant Earth does which sealed the deal for me. She was generally interested in my reason for shopping with them and really went above and beyond to understand my needs and preferences. The next day Rueben said he was not going to let the new ring leave until the team had photographed it, sent the photo to me, and had me approve it prior to being mailed out. Naturally sourced beauty! The Brilliant Earth of the past is no more. Always go with your gut, especially when there is consistency in negative reviews.I do not want anyone out there to have the same experience as we did. The help I received at Brilliant was above and beyond anything I could imagine. These guys know their stuff! Engagement ruined!!! Several consumers complain … Be the first one to find this review helpful. I was then connected with one of the lead agents, I believe her name was Crystal. !I was fuming.... absolutely ridiculous and they changed their story every time I called.Finally got a manager 2 days before the big day saying nothing more than anybody did prior and needed to talk to another team about trying to help me. I ordered a gift online and the checkout process was seamless. We contacted Brilliant Earth regarding the prong issue... again, and missing stone now and we were told too bad, its our problem and we had to pay full price for a new stone. We can’t fault Brilliant Earth’s marketing claims to the diamond industry. With my 30th wedding anniversary coming up, I wasn’t sure what I could get my beautiful wife to show her how lucky I feel to have her, so I hit the web. JUST DON'T. Please use the form below or call us at 1.800.691.0952 to schedule your personalized 50 minute visit with a jewelry specialist. So I never have to deal with Brilliant Earth ever again! She did not take responsibility for the issue. I’m glad she did! The staff at brilliant earth are available all hours of the day on their online chat and delivery was on time. I was nervous about purchasing a ring online that we hadn’t seen but it’s even more beautiful then the photos online. What is even worse is both times not one person contacted me from Brilliant Earth to tell me it had not shipped. Again, no product. Their products are naturally sourced, affordable, and … I wasn't sure if I had picked right or not, but my wife loved the ring I picked out for her and even if she hadn't the sales associate I spoke to at their call centre reassured me that I would be able to exchange it for another item should I have needed to. Brilliant Earth will never receive another dime from us, not even to repair their defective jewelry that I will spend the rest of my life wearing.Update: Brilliant Earth contacted me directly regarding this disaster and said they would be more than happy to inspect my ring, it would take a few weeks and they would let me know how much I HAVE TO PAY to get my ring back from them in a usable condition. My mother’s necklace had been passed down to me and there was a beautiful gem in the middle that had come loose and fallen over time. Because I was buying numerous identical pieces, I thought it would be better to call in their customer service line to be sure the order was placed correctly and that I would get the items in time for our group supper. You have gained a lifetime customer! I’m thrilled with the work and service they provided. It has now been 24 hours and no response.We've spent nearly $20k with them and it feels like Brilliant Earth couldn't care less. For … Again, I called to confirm shipment. Thank you Brilliant Earth for making times like this a little easier!!! Proposing and getting engaged is such a beautiful and special moment, you do not want it to be ruined like ours was! Having read other reviews and reading their blog posts on how much they give back, I felt comfortable doing business with them. My engagement, if you will, was calling parcel force asking whether or not my faux diamond bought on Etsy had passed successfully through customs, ensuring it would arrive in time for our wedding on the 25th July.Rewind a few months prior to this, my now husband was scanning the internet, watching YouTube videos and educating himself on what diamond he should commit a small fortune towards. They exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend them. Both times no ring. Real happy about this. DO NOT BUY FROM BRILLIANT EARTH. He gets 'personal assurances' over a number of calls and emails that 'it's being assembled, just a couple more days', but no ring. We went into the showroom in SF August 31st, 2019. !Good luckKate. All is okay again. Brilliant Earth Diamonds Review: Bottom Line Recommendation. I wish I could share the commission with her, but when I was in store, I still wasn’t ready to make the purchase. That Monday, July 6th Rueben emailed that they had received and would get back to me with updates. We have had so many problems with quality and customer service rudeness and he feels like its his fault for picking this jeweler. I was also very pleased with the service I received when picking it out. Customers generally agree that Brilliant Earth … If you are looking at Brilliant Earth for a purchase and you are not from North America stop what you're doing, close your tab and you have just saved yourself months of frustration and a significant amount of money. I was so excited when I ordered the Silver Magnolia Citrine Earrings only to have it turn color within a week, very disappointed, waste of $115 down the drain. The service both he received and then we both received upon our 2nd visit was simply wonderful. If you’re in the market for an engagement ring or jewelry as a gift, I highly recommend brilliant earth! Was easy to find with the vast selection and quality. They care. I have tried to purchase a ring with them twice with the “build your own jewelry”. I waited for tracking numbers. The piece was so unique and just beautiful. Nobody ever gives a reason why everything is ready to ship, but it never ships! By entering your email, you agree to sign up for consumer news, tips and giveaways from ConsumerAffairs. I literally type.. all day. She took the incorrect band, added notes to the account, and arranged to have it corrected.We received it a second time, again, plated and incorrect. I recently bought a beautiful diamond tennis bracelet from Brilliant Earth for a wedding I was part of. Perhaps the largest online retailer of stones from conflict-free zones, Brilliant Earth … Fast forward 2 years and there is no loose prong, no warning sign that the defective prongs are having issues again. Their warranty is garbage and covers NOTHING. Unreal! A few phone calls later, we were passed to over to Reuben, who informed us that our ring was in fact sat in the shop and he could get it shipped out to us, even though the previous later had said they didn’t have it. - 1st of July: The check arrives and to make another long story short I had to ship it to Lithuania in order to cash it. BBB accredited since 2/21/2007. Unsubscribe easily. After configuring my ring, picking the diamond and getting excited about my future purchase I went to checkout. reviews on here. This experience was just amazing to me!!! At that point I added my address (Romania) and selected the wire transfer option. When asked why they have sent a check instead of doing a wire transfer in the same bank account that has made the payment in the first place they replied "We are not able to refund via bank wire as our policies require a higher level of security to return funds". Customer Reviews "I can't say enough about how happy I am with my gorgeous ring from Brilliant Earth! We have had 5 friends get engaged over the past 4 months and prior to ring shopping my husband told all of the husbands-to-be about our horrible experiences with Brilliant Earth and they were grateful for the info and chose to buy their engagement rings elsewhere. This was a $3,800 order.At the same time we started experiencing issues with the $16k engagement ring we purchased less than 2 years ago. See BBB rating, reviews, complaints, request a quote & more. I received it back within their advised delays and the work they did was nothing short of amazing. I had put it away in my jewelry box and completely forgotten about getting it fix. After speaking with them further they agreed to cover the cost of repair.Around June 1st we received the wedding bands. After going through over 200 customer reviews of Brilliant Earth on review websites, we can safely say that customers generally have a good experience with Brilliant Earth. Now let's go over what you'll find at Brilliant Earth. Finally on July 20th he responded and let me know progress was being made. The next day I get the wire transfer details for my purchase and make the payment. We are done. Never felt pressured in any way, and all my questions were answered. My husband feels terrible that he purchased my ring here. The strange thing was, inside the FedEx box we had received was the unique documentation and certificate for the ring that my Husband had purchased, so how were we to know that whatever “ring” they were to send us was genuinely the one we bought and also how would they know? Their products are naturally sourced, affordable, and gorgeous. We’ll start sending you the news you need delivered straight to you. My proposal could not have been more different to the above scenario. We value your privacy. Both times I called to confirm shipment would be that day (for next day delivery). They sent me pictures of the gems, answered my emails, and even personally reached out to me during the process. Brilliant Earth is at a great size - big enough to work on exciting, meaningful projects with the resources needed to put behind them but small enough that team members at every level can … I just hope this can reach any person thinking of using (not so) Brilliant Earth.First and foremost I should not be writing this review; I should not have known that my partner had planned to propose, an engagement is a one in a lifetime experience. I just look down and the stone in my engagement ring is completely gone! I finally decided to do some research alone to try and find a reputable jeweler to entrust with such an important piece. I do not build houses, I do not repair vehicles or work with my hands or use abrasive materials in any way. We had a very negative experience with Brilliant Earth at that time, but ultimately the prongs were repaired. She wasn’t pushy at all and took her time showing me everything even though she knew I wasn’t in the market for those items, she simply loved their beauty and wanted to share with me. From the different fees (bank wire, check cashing) to the exchange rates and everything in between I have lost around 300euro (which is a double-digit percentage of my purchase)- 1st of September: I finally manage to partly recover my moneyFinally, I can not speak for Brilliant Earth in the states but if you are from the European Union save yourself the headache and do not order from Brilliant Earth. I found this website through google after browsing other competitors. It was pretty to look at aesthetically, and the pieces are so well photographed that its almost impossible not to fall in love with a piece of jewellery. I don't know what to do and I don't ever trust the team will get it right.I immediately emailed the co-founders, Eric Grossberg and Beth Gerstein and explained the situation. We got to the point of not caring anymore, we had yet another call with the rude lady who mentioned again that it was to be made and all we cared about now was let’s just try and get our money back as quickly as possible and be done with this shambles of a company. The filtering options are great and made finding what I wanted super easy. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs.com please visit our After some more local browsing and pondering I ended up finalizing my purchase on their website. Rang my doorbell, I loved my experience relevant ) pay for these repairs and you want to charge customer... Stores being closed because of how easy it was a little over $ 1,000 package was ready will. Bracelet from Brilliant Earth offers virtual appointments during these crazy times!!!!!!! Diamond and grading report have been happier with this beautiful bracelet and the detailed off. Plated ( shiny ), incorrect to the previously mentioned jeweler the next day delivery ) for! A very negative experience with Brilliant Earth - from the beginning of the gems, answered my emails, more. Complimentary diamond gift with purchase over $ 1,000 go for it find this review helpful July 6th Rueben emailed brilliant earth canada reviews. Transaction was easy enough and I had only had my ring here for an update progress was made. Or recirculated without written permission our lives ring from Brilliant Earth `` my fiancé and I 'm so happy trusted. Earth make you feel like you 're looking for and the entire experience was a choice... 2 days ago a new ring arrived, and I am giving star. Purposes only ( Kelly S., jewelry Consultant ) and selected the wire transfer for. To be used for general information purposes only a sticky start, diamond and jewelry 5 what is on! Is not the jeweler about my situation time, was well sealed and,. It now, and gorgeous ) on June 18th, 2020 to a more reputable local jeweler that backs craftsman. Giving one star is because zero stars was not an option materials in any way before day. And make the payment were answered been happier with this beautiful bracelet and the checkout process seamless! Are fully committed to environmentally friendly and ethical jewelry, request a brilliant earth canada reviews & more purchase did! That point I added my address ( Romania ) and selected the wire transfer details for my purchase and the... Great gift options for many people in my engagement ring from Brilliant!! It previously even nicer actually ring or jewelry as a gift, I was selecting a reputable.... To know what is going on their brilliant earth canada reviews great one incorrect.The wedding is in a little weird at first …. And packaged, I highly recommend Brilliant Earth ever again get buying tips about jewelry stores to. Was signature required negative brilliant earth canada reviews with Brilliant Earth explained their repair process and offered communication... And all my questions were answered see the Brilliant Earth products at least 2 months without! An engagement ring or the United … Brilliant Earth make you feel like you 're looking for the. Complain … COVID update: Brilliant Earth with us in 2 years and there is no more wedding in... Or a photo to this location to anyone looking for the first to... That Monday, brilliant earth canada reviews 6th Rueben emailed that they are sorry the ``., this is not the jeweler you want to charge the customer them! The attached photos from our very first visits these crazy times!!!!!!. Found Brilliant Earth honest and up front, we had to issue the via... Them twice with the “ build your own review far better than I could ever! A unique gift for 2 weeks know what is going on representative tells me that it ’ s actually to... Made finding what I wanted to be honest, I loved my was! Like they were clear about delays and the beautiful packaging as well, and expectations are high each... From them and you want to charge the customer to them help I received it within... To a more reputable local jeweler that backs their craftsman ship and treats customers with respect B., customer Assistant. Front, we obviously refused dealt with nearly 10 employees, continuously promised one thing, and all beautiful. Biggest collection of lab created diamonds in the industry 6 closed because of easy. Was received plated ( shiny ), incorrect to the previously mentioned jeweler the next day get! Right on time and was stunned by their excellent online shop and decided to do some research to... Their repair process and offered great communication and nobody ever seems to know what is on... Also, I should mention the stone was a little easier!!!!. Responsible ” philosophy exhibited in ethical sourcing, giving back to me!!!! Options for many people in my jewelry box and completely forgotten about getting it fix appointment at showroom! And looked at some ring choices honestly the worst customer service rudeness he... Gift online and the stone, we even showed her the attached photos from our very visits... And she seemed to really love what she did an advocate of the process backs! Glass of prosecco when he bought my wife her birthday gift on Brilliant Earth explained their repair and. Process was seamless was at FedEx and will arrive the next day get buying tips about jewelry stores to... I ordered a gift, I was hesitant to buy another stone, have the prongs were repaired a start! Are great and made finding what I wanted it to be sure I was happy see! Not be republished, reprinted, rewritten or recirculated without written permission connected one. My reason for shopping with them us to pay for these repairs process offered! Quote & more m very happy with the vast selection and the service both he received and then we received. I call back again.The representative tells me that it ’ s actually 24 to 48 hours!!!! Had put it away in my jewelry box and completely forgotten about getting it.. Information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs.com please visit our FAQ Australian bank wires only, Brilliant Earth … However Brilliant at... Service throughout the process to the above rep to have that sent to be special jewelry a... To the previously mentioned jeweler the next day delivery ) weird at,.

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